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Workshops or courses?

If you are already a certified scuba diver you might have noticed that some divers seem to have expert level skills, buoyancy control beyond what you have learned, moving themselves through the water in ways you cant figure out and air consumption that seems to make their tank last forever! What courses did they take to learn this diving voodoo? Who taught that class when I learned to dive?

Actually, some of this expertise comes from the amount of hours spent in the water, these divers have been doing it for years, and unfortunately this learning curve (experience over time) is something that cant be taught. The more time you spend doing something, the better you should get, right? Maybe not. Just spending hours in the water doesn't guarantee that you will be where you want to be with your skills and diving comfort. You can spend hours doing something and still not progress in the way you want to or even the way think you should after all that time.

A Sidemount diver in good trim position

So how do you get these amazing dive skills that separate you form the rest and turn you into the best diver you can be?

You need to spend time on you, in a focused manner working through the skills that will make you better at what you want to achieve, but this isn't necessarily a formal diving certification, although you should have been taught these things from the beginning. By understanding what you want to achieve, what diving interest you and what areas of your diving need improving, you should be able to tailor make a diving program that specifically suits you.

First and foremost, consistent and deliberate training is essential for divers to develop a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. Through regular practice and repetition of these exercises, divers become more proficient in fundamental tasks such as buoyancy control, breath control and propulsion (fining techniques). This repetition not only helps refine technique but also builds muscle memory, enabling divers to be more relaxed and at ease in the water.

One of the key aspects of this type of training (Or Diver Workshops) is the emphasis on these core skills, by repeating these exercises and refining technique you will develop better muscle memory, and ensure the recall of these practiced skills. These practices also offer benefits that enhance your safety and competence as a diver.

Muscle memory plays a pivotal role in skill development, as it allows divers to execute critical actions even when facing unexpected challenges. For example in a strong, unexpected current, good buoyancy and propulsion skills are vital for a easy and stress free response. By ingraining the necessary skills into muscle memory, you can react swiftly and effectively when confronted with difficulties, challenges or unusual circumstances.

A Technical diver sat on a RIB
Complex tasks will become easier when broken down

Moreover, the training and repetition of fundamental exercises help you become more self-assured and mentally resilient. By consistently honing your skills and techniques, you develop confidence in your abilities, reducing anxiety, improving air consumption and even enhancing awareness and decision-making under pressure, ultimately enabling you to enjoy your diving more.

By tailor making a Diver Specific Workshop you can focus on the areas that not only interest you but also on areas that need the most work. By giving you the tools and skills needed, you can continue to refine your diving and start your journey to become the best diver you can be.

The benefits of continued training through these specific workshops, by practicing skills with repetition and refining techniques, developing muscle memory, and recalling practiced skills under pressure are paramount to the safety and enjoyment of relaxed diving.

Video debriefing in a scuba class
Video Debriefing is an essential part of our workshops

We offer Workshops at Scuba Murcia for all levels of diver and most types of equipment configuration (Single tank, Twin tanks and Sidemount including Technical divers). We use Video feedback in our debriefing process which is vital to the learning and development of repeating fundamental skills and we understand that each individual has different needs and requirements. We work with you during this process to achieve the goals set out in our initial planning stages to improve the areas you want to and focus on making you a better diver.

Improve your skills in the right way, that suit you perfectly, try our Diver Specific Workshops.

Contact us for more information or to book onto a workshop.

Ed Smith is a TDI, PADI & PSAI Technical and recreational diving instructor with over 25 years of experience in the water. The views expressed in these blog posts are personal opinions based on many years of diving experience and teaching, however they may differ from other instructors or professionals. These blog posts are for information only and nothing should replace proper, professional training.

Dive safe.


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