PADI Speciality courses enable you to focus your diving on specific interests that you may have and learn new, important skills. You might be interested in to how to dive deeper than 30 meters, how to use an underwater camera, how to dive Safely on Ship wrecks or even diving at night! Each course will take you further in you diving knowledge and increase your diving skills. 

PADI Speciality


Deep Diver Speciality

Explore the deeper dives previously out of reach! Wrecks and reefs that push the boundary of recreational limits.

Sidemount Speciality

Change your equipment set up completely and learn to dive with your tanks at your side! Ideal for Cavern and Cave diving.

Boat Diver Speciality

A boat is the best way to get to the best dives sites, learn all the right techniques for entry, exit and safety.

Digital Photography Speciality

Set up your digital camera to get those amazing underwater photos you have always wanted.

Wreck Diver Speciality

Explore the sunken wrecks of Murcia, learn how to safely navigate and dive into these sunken treasures.

PADI Cavern Diver

Venture into the darkness with this Cavern Diver course. An introduction to the underground world.

Night Diver Speciality

At night the underwater world changes. Pick up a dive torch and you can explore a different world.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

The hardest thing is to do nothing! Get your trim and buoyancy right for every dive.

Enriched Air Speciality

Spend more time at depth and make the most of your dive time by breathing Enriched Air. Learn the safe procedures for Nitrox diving.

PADI Search & Recovery 

Effectively search for lost items, using the right search patterns and right tools to help locate and lift them to the surface.

Navigation Speciality

Find the best dive spots first time, never get lost & find your way back to the boat.


A non-diving course that aims to educate about how we can help conserve and protect all marine life.

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