The Dive Sites

At Scuba Murcia we have access to many amazing shore and boat dive locations across the region. Whatever your certification level we have daily guided dives to suit you. Here are just a few of our favorites.


Isla Grosa
Bajo de Piles 2
Scuba Murcia dive site
Bajo de Dentro
A picturesque shore dive.
Bajo de Piles 1
A lovely shore dive with a secret!
Bajo de Fuera
Cala Fria- Shore Dive
Bajo de Testa
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Cala Fria

Cala Fria is one of favourite shore dives, in a lovely setting  just underneath the Cabo De Palos lighthouse. Here you will find a lot of varied marine life from the stunning Octopus to stingrays. Cristal clear water and amazing rock formations to swim through.

Depth - 12m Max.

Open Water Diver minimum.

Cala Escalera

Cala Muerte is a lovely shore dive that enables us to see some the best marine life in the area. Lovely rock formations are a great hiding place for moray eels, Octopus and even large Grouper. Occasional sightings of rays and larger schools of Barracuda can also been found here along with nudibranch!


Depth -  20m Max

Open Water to Advanced minimum

Cala Reona

Cala Reona is a beach dive with a twist! A gentle sloping bottom turns into a maze of rocks and gullys with lots of marine life. Schools of smaller fish, octopus, nudibranch and the occasional scorpion fish are here to be found. Then there is the surprise, a stunning underwater cavern with a lovely swim through and beautiful light penetration. One of the Scuba Murcia teams favourite shore spots.


Max depth - 12m


Open Water minimum

Isla Grosa

A 20 minute boat ride from the dive center is this lovely island offering a variety of dives. Full of marine life, you will be able to see Grouper, Morays, schooling fish and sometime the elusive Mola Mola! There is small cave to explore too! A great site for all divers.

Max depth - 20m

Open water minimum

Isla Farrallon

This dive site is a bit further away but offers great rewards. This small island is surrounded by a lovely reef, with many nooks and gullys to investigate. Lots of marine life gather here including larger schooling fish and Mola Mola at certain times of the year.

Max depth - 25m


Open Water

Marine reserve - Isla Hormigas.

These dive sites are some of the best in the Mediterranean. The Marine Reserve was set up in 1995 to protect the area and conserve the marine life enabling it to thrive into the amazing condition that you see it in today. Like an underwater mountain range, these reefs appear from the depths to just below the surface attracting a large abundance of marine life.

There are 7 separate dive sites here which are all ​home to many species from Large grouper and barracuda to schooling jacks and dentex, there is always something to see on these dives that you will never forget. Mola Mola and Tuna can also be seen swimming past at certain times of the year making this area a unique place to dive. Click here to see a video of the marine reserve!

Max Depth - 40m

Minimum of Advanced Open Water (These sites can have some strong currents due their exposed nature)

Turia Wreck

The Turia wreck is an old mine sweeper vessel that was sunk on purpose in 1999 for recreational diving. This wooden hulled ship is broken up and is home to many marine inhabitants including Scorpion fish, Octopus, Moray eels and schools of Damsels and Wrasse. The Ulla wreck (also sunk on purpose) sits only a few hundred meters away and is in similar condition. Also a great wreck dive.

Max depth - 35m

Advanced open Water & Deep Diver

Naranjito Wreck

The Naranjito is the regions most famous wreck dive. Sunk by a storm in 1946 while carrying a cargo of oranges; giving the wreck its new name - Naranjito, the 51m wreck sits in tact and up right on the sea bed. (the ships real name is Isla Gomera). This is a lovely dive site, covered in marine life, and home to some bigger fish too. Mola Mola and schooling Barracuda can often be found around the wreck. At 28m to the shallowest part of the wreck this is an Advanced dive as a minimum. Click here for more detail of the wreck and a map!

Max depth - 42,m

Advanced minimum.  Recommended with Deep, Nitrox & suitable for Tec

Carbonero Wreck

This is a deep technical dive on an amazing wreck at 45 metres. She was torpedoed and sunk in 1917 carry coal for the war effort, hence the name "Carbonero". The wreck is 88m long, in great condition, sitting up right, covered in marine life with plenty of room to safely penetrate and explore. A perfect technical dive. This dive is only suitable for those divers with Deep diving and technical qualifications.

Max depth - 45m

Deep diver or Technical qualification only

Stanfield Wreck

The SS Stanfield sank in 1916 and was a 120 metre long Greek cargo ship. Now sitting upright on a sandy sea bed at 60m with the shallowest part of the wreck at 44m. Almost completely intact the wreck is now a stunning dive site. This is a deep technical wreck dive and careful planning is required to make the most out diving here. A Trimix qualification is highly recommended.  

Max depth - 65m

Tri-mix decompression certification required.

Cueva del Agua

Cueva del Agua is a unique fresh water cave system. It is one of the only warm water Cenotes in Europe and is only 45 minutes drive from the Scuba Murcia dive centre.  Clear, warm water (29°C) make this an amazing and beautiful cave to explore. This dive site is only accessible to divers with Full Cave diving qualifications due to the extreme and  challenging nature of cave diving. We can also take divers with Cavern diving qualifications into the entrance area of the cavern zone, or be under direct supervision while cave/cavern training.

Max depth - 15m


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