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PADI Dry Suit Speciality

The PADI Dry Suit Diver speciality teaches you the techniques and skills to safely dive in a dry suit. Stay warm and dry, and be confident that you can dive in all water temperatures. It will make your diving season longer and open a whole new world of cool water diving. Dont limit yourself  to only diving in the warmer months, become a year round diver.


Whats included -

  • 2 x Open Water dives

  • 1 x Confined dive 

  • Proper fitting and use of a dry suit

  • Proper weighting and weight calculation

  • Buoyancy & trim skills

  • Finning and propulsion techniques

  • Emergency procedures - Excess buoyancy, valve failure & suit flood

  • Suit care and maintenance


- Hold a PADI Open Water Diver Certification or equivalent

- Be at least 15 years old

2 x dives €280

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