Logging Dives...Why should we keep it up?

With the arrival of the new Scuba Murcia Log books this week it got us talking and thinking about why it’s important to continue to log dives. We have heard so many divers say “I don’t bother to log dives anymore, what’s the point?” or “I don’t log mine anymore, I’ve done loads”. So, what is the point? 1. Are you Sherlock Holmes? If you have a mind palace and can store every memory of every dive you have done then good for you, but most of us can’t and need to rely on other methods! Logging your dives is a great way to remember those awesome moments experienced during the dive, on the boat and at the dive centre. Hundreds of hammer head sharks…Dolphin Surprise visit…barracuda soup… The gun r

Barracuda - at Cabo de Palos

You just never know what might turn up on your dive! At the end of a lovely morning dive, with lots of schooling Bream, free swimming Moray Eels and a whole load of stunning Nudibranch, we were then treated to a massive school of Barracuda just minding there own business as we drifted through them on our safety stop! That seems to be what happens here when we dive the islands around La Manga and Cabo de Palos, there is always a treat waiting for us on every dive. We love the Barracuda and at this time of the year they are schooling in huge groups. They are easy to swim along with and are great to photograph due to their close interaction with us.

New branded material!

Small things can make the biggest impact. Like our new window graphics, they look superb, very bold and clearly shouting about our new Dive Centre in Murcia! But we also have loads more cool stuff with our logo on, T-shirts, Log books, Stickers, hats. This Foot Print design was made by Jo, and we think its going to be a popular one with our customers. We have plenty of other cool stuff to spread the word about our New PADI Dive Centre in La Manga. All inspired by the local diving and the amazing weather!

Its almost here - Official Opening of Scuba Murcia!

Its taken a lot of hard work from the Scuba Murcia team, but at last the doors will be open! July 8th is going to be the first official day that we will open our doors to the public of La Manga and Murcia! The Dive Centre is looking great, the PADI flags are out and the equipment is ready. Since we took the localle on back in December there has been a lot to do to make the premesis look smart and presentable. Building and painting walls, counters, wash tanks, showers, bathrooms, floors, lighting, windows, doors. We have replaced, fixed, repaired, painted, stuck, glued, cemented, plastered and printed our way through the last six months to be where we are now! Come in and see us on the 8th Ju

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Scuba Murcia

Salida 18 Kilometer 2

Gran Via de La Manga 

Edif Babilonia 11a y 7b

30380 La Manga



UK (+44) 7876 822797


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