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Why is a TDI Technical Diving Course different?

We offer all sorts of diver training at Scuba Murcia, from entry level “learn to dive” courses all the way through to professional level Dive Master courses, but we also offer something else catering for the more experienced and adventurous diver who is looking for something more...

TDI Advanced Nitrox & Deco at Diver Scuba Murcia

Through TDI (Technical Diving International) we offer a full range of courses that extend the recreational divers training into more advanced areas. You can venture deeper than the recreational depths, stay longer than the recreational No Decompression limits and use additional equipment that enable all of these to happen safely. So, what is the difference between a Technical course compared to a recreational course and what are they really about?

One of the many differences between recreational training and Technical training is with the mindset and approach to diving itself. Technical diving certainly isn't for everyone, so we need to ensure that the technical diver is prepared to develop the attitude and mindset in order to plan and execute a technical dive effectively and overall, safely. It starts with looking at how the diver thinks about diving as a whole, not allowing things to happen by chance, being prepared in advance for potential issues, always aware if their impact on the surrounding environment, being in control of breathing, movement and overall buoyancy. Being able to visualise these things as part of the dive planning process gives the Technical diver a reference of how they should control and perform their dive, building a mental picture to work towards on every dive. This mindset is also extremely beneficial to any non-technical diver too, it’s great to think about your diving in this way, it will improve your skills and develop good judgement, just remember to always seek professional guidance from a trained instructor when learning new dive techniques and skills. You cant beat top quality training when it comes to Technical diving.

TDI Buoyancy skills with Scuba Murcia

There are also several Foundation Skills that are essential to every Technical diver. (see the Foundational skills blog post here). These are introduced at the beginning of the TDI Intro to Tech course and are essential to allow the diver to be efficient and dive effectively on every Technical Dive. These skills although individual skills, all come together to form the basis for total control during a dive and are an essential part of being a Technical Diver. Once you have mastered these foundation skills you can then look at the next steps and which other courses you can take to develop and advance your diving.

To enrol on these courses there are strict pre-requisites, (age, number of dives and current certification level) and to pass an earn the certification you must meet all of the required skills standards, including passing exams. If you want to start your technical diving journey, have a look at the Intro to Tech course and then progress from there, if you are already experienced in using a twinset and are a Nitrox diver then maybe the Advanced Nitrox or even the combined Advanced Nitrox and Decompression procedures course is something you are interested in. You can read about one of customers real experinces on a TDI Advanced Nitrox course here - DIVEOLCOCK BLOG

Which ever direction you are interested in going, starting down the technical diving path is a great way to extend your dive skills, learn more safe diving practices and push your diving abilities to a new level. You won’t look back once you have started your technical diving journey.

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