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What is a PADI Open Water course?

Previously we mentioned that you can learn to dive in as little as 4 days. Now that sounds like a short amount of time to learn something as serious as Scuba Diving but trust me that is just the beginning.

When you complete the course you will be a certified PADI Open Water Diver, able to dive to 18 metres with any other certified diver, anywhere in the world! Your PADI certification card is recognized globaly and is your passport to an amazing underwater world.

So what can you learn in 4 days? Well pretty much everything that will make you a safe and responsible Scuba Diver. Believe it or not the actual learning part is done mostly in the water, the environment where you want to be spending your time! The more time you can get in the water learning and practicing the art of diving the better understanding you will have of how simple it is to be a good, safe diver.

We do spend a bit of time in the classroom too, there are some very important details regarding safety, the effect of water pressure on our bodies, the equipment you use, dive planning and how these factors should be considered on every dive. There are specific skills that must be mastered both in and out of the water, things such as how to set your equipment up safely and test it before each dive, conduct a pre-dive safety check to ensure everything is ready and how to plan your dive safely and conservatively within the guidelines of your training. Then there are the skills underwater, most importantly buoyancy control and moving efficiently through the water without disturbing the natural surroundings, but also we look at practical skills such as clearing your mask of water, emergency procedures and equipment care.

There are 5 knowledge sections, each discussing a different topic related to diving, with a 50-question exam at the end. Then 5 confined or shallow water skills dives where you learn the diving and in-water skills needed. Finally, there are the 4 Open Water dives conducted in deeper open water, where you refine your skills and demonstrate your ability to dive effectively.

At Scuba Murcia we offer this training to anyone over the age of 12, who is confident in the water and can swim at least 200m. All of our diving is conducted in the Sea for you to experience the maximum amount of time in real diving conditions.

Sign up to the PADI Open Water Course today and explore the amazing underwater world just on your doorstep.

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