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Awesome dive sites on our doorstep

It just goes to prove that you don't have to travel across the other side of the world to get amazing encounters with large schools of fish!

Here in the Murcia region of southern Spain we are fortunate enough to have a designated marine reserve - the Islas Hormigas reserva, created to help preserve, protect and restore the amazing marine life in the Mediterranean. Its creation in 1995 ensures that the marine life can thrive and grow without risk of over fishing or other forms of negative impact otherwise effecting fish populations in the Med.

This weeks clip of the schooling Amberjacks at Bajo de Fuera (the outer most reef of the reserve) goes to show how well the marine life thrives here in Murcia!

Come and dive it yourself, just drop us a line and get booked to dive the amazing sites of the marine reserve in Cabo de palos and La Manga.

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