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We're going to be on the TV!

Last year was a very interesting and very busy time for us at Scuba Murcia!

We've been diving in the local area for over 15 years and enjoyed it so much we decided to take the plunge and set up a dive centre from scratch. We spent the earlier part of the year renovating the shop, developing good relationships with other local business's, obtaining licenses, importantly getting ourselves out there diving most days and all while trying to get the Scuba Murcia dive centre up and running for all of you to use!

On top of that we were lucky enough to have a TV camera follow us about while we did most of this! Being filmed for the latest series of the Channel 4 program A New Life In The Sun.

Scuba Murcia filming for Channel 4

Since 2016 we have been working hard towards getting the dive operation off the ground and then with 2017 actually seeing the shop open. Phil the camera man was often there to film us going about our daily business and finding out what its really like to set up and run a dive centre from scratch.

Its going to be another exciting year for sure, and you can get a glimpse of how it all started and what we went through on A new Life In The Sun from February 12th on Channel 4.

Have a look at this link for the Teaser Ad where you can see Jo and a few of of our divers briefly. Stay tuned and we will post more details about the show and what happened behind the scenes!

Click here to find out more about Diving with Scuba Murcia.

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