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Tec diving Foundational skills

In a previous post we mentioned the foundational skills that every Technical diver must learn and master. So, what are they?

The 4 main foundation skills that every Tec diver must master- Buoyancy control, Swimming, trim and Breathing.

Is that it?

I can hear you saying to yourself “ Well, I can do all of those, I did that on my first ever Open Water course!”. True, you wouldn’t be much of diver if you couldn’t, but for a Technical diver you need to be beyond the level of a regular recreational divers ability to hover and fin along. Buoyancy control is the marker to distinguish an elite Tec diver above others. You can recognise a diver with excellent control in the water by their ability to hang motionless, an ability to do things without changing position in the water column, not using their hands for anything other than communicating or moving equipment. Finning with ease to move not only forwards but backwards, turning and pivoting even in a stationary position and making only slight adjustments in trim using breathing control. These foundational skills are the basis to build every other underwater skill as a Technical diver. Regardless if you are a Rebreather diver, Open Circuit Twinset or Sidemount diver, by mastering these skills you will find you are in control of your diving, you will find it easier to complete other tasks and you can focus on other areas of the dive without impacting your performance.

However, if you have not mastered these foundation skills first, using any additional equipment and techniques is likely to affect your performance and make learning new skills much harder and potentially dangerous.

Scuba Murcia Tec Diver - Mid water safety stop

The TDI Intro To Tech course gives you the right starting point for learning these foundational skills and how to apply them, along with learning how to correctly set up and use the basic single piece harness, backplate and wing (for Open Circuit Scuba), the Twin cylinder set up (Twinset) and the pros and cons of diving with 2 regulators. This course gives you the ideal starting point to learn these foundational skills correctly and more importantly, practice them under guidance from an experienced TDI instructor.

Once you have mastered these foundation skills you can then dive with more confidence and ability and look at the next steps and which other courses you can take to develop, enhance and advance your diving.

Read about the TDI Intro to Tec course here


Contact us at Scubamurcia if you are interested in learning more about the TDI courses we offer and the superb Mediterranean diving that you can experience in La Manga and the Murcia region of Spain.

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